Dave Danielson

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Reflection on Time Passing

April 18 will be two years from the last time I had to sit through a Board meeting at work. It is also the last day (4/18/19) I wore a necktie. That tie is still hanging on a coat hook in the last small office I was using on my way out the door. It went straight from neck to hook.

This feels pretty momentous as a marker of time. The Board of our organization meets 10 times a year, not just quarterly, and a majority of meetings required travel to another city. The meetings were two to three days long, sometimes with long days filled with content that really had nothing to do with my job function(s). Those meetings produced a unique sort of exhaustion, with multiple personalities and agendas.

A couple of weeks later, on May 8, we set out for a month in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. It was one of, if not THE, best vacations we’ve ever had. Also, the last one at this point. Thanks, Covid.