I nuked Protonmail today. Using iCloud.

Pentax SP500 circa 1972. One owner.

Hit the taco truck on Tuesday, while thinking of Puerto Vallarta, courtesy of Michael (@mpmilestogo).

Just made my last pre-retirement visit to work - dropped off my laptop and access badge. One meeting tomorrow to approve the 2022 IT budget (and what do I care!?). After that, new things will come to light. Waiting for travel to open.

Norway 2011

Ten years ago, we took a motorcycle trip in Norway.

The Right Answer

All teachers and school personnel in Washington State — including coaches, bus drivers and volunteers — will need to be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment. - WAPO.

We shouldn’t ask whether we must get out of capitalism so that humans can survive. We must ask how and when.

Worn out from paperwork.

By switching from coffee to green tea in the morning, you can eliminate 87% of the joy remaining in your life.

This beer is called Summer in Oslo. It was an instabuy. 😁 Good, too!

The latest forecast for Monday in Seattle is 109°. Our planet is broken.

🌎 🔥

Climate change.

A walk in the park, about a mile from home.

I see a lot of folks who enjoy audiobooks. I just can’t seem to do it. It’s a struggle to finish anything that way. It’s faster to just read. 😁

Finally killed the Instagram account. Quit FB and Twitter 5 years ago. Finally!

Hammock view.

Supposed to hit 80 today.

I went and sat inside a coffee shop for the first time since…..before. I’ve gotten coffee and sat outside in Adirondack chairs, which I love to do anyway. But, to have a couch, music, conversation, the hiss of the espresso machine….it’d been so long!

It is reported that Seattle is 60% vaccinated, and 76% have had at least one shot. Yay!

HomePod Minis - I had two minis in different rooms. I decided to try both in my study as a stereo pair, and they work really well that way. No going back.

Fresh supply - 5 pounds of Diablo Dark Roast.

Fountain pen (Sailor Pro Gear) + cat.

We might sell another car and try to function with one. We were also thinking of trading that car for something a bit larger, but may wait for next year and keep an eye on the new EVs. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with an EV only, given a desire to travel off the beaten path. I also hate to buy an ICE only car, though.

Reflection on Time Passing

April 18 will be two years from the last time I had to sit through a Board meeting at work. It is also the last day (4/18/19) I wore a necktie. That tie is still hanging on a coat hook in the last small office I was using on my way out the door. It went straight from neck to hook.

This feels pretty momentous as a marker of time. The Board of our organization meets 10 times a year, not just quarterly, and a majority of meetings required travel to another city. The meetings were two to three days long, sometimes with long days filled with content that really had nothing to do with my job function(s). Those meetings produced a unique sort of exhaustion, with multiple personalities and agendas.

A couple of weeks later, on May 8, we set out for a month in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. It was one of, if not THE, best vacations we’ve ever had. Also, the last one at this point. Thanks, Covid.